We provide insight and advice on critical issues.

  • Market Studies • A common first step before entering a new market is to prepare a market study. Today, a lot of information is available on the internet, but the details normally depend on interaction with people in the market.
  • Viability Checks • Most companies have a potential market in South America, but it is not clear whether there is a good case to be successful or not. Maybe the product does not have the required quality or specification, maybe the price level is not interesting, maybe distribution costs are too high, maybe local assembly is needed?
  • Business Plans • Starting a subsidiary is a major commitment. A good business plan can help to provide a clear overview to stakeholders of how the market works, what is needed to compete successfully, business model, risks, time plan, financials etc.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions • One way to enter the market, or expand the business, is through an acquisition or a joint venture.We can help you with the search process, valuation, due diligence, negotiations, contracts, and post-acquisition integration.
  • Strategy Reviews and Turnaround • If your business is not performing, it could be wise to carry out a strategy review or plan for a turnaround. Local management may not have the experience to drive this process; headquarters may not have the time or a sufficiently deep understanding of local conditions.

We work together to develop your business.

  • Testing the Market • For some companies it is faster and more useful to go straight to the clients with a product/service offering and see how they react.
    Sometimes this will provide you with a better market understanding than any market study, or at least it is an amazing complement.
  • Price Calculations and Benchmarking • Price is always important, even if your product/service is sold based on value. Having a clear understanding of market prices and the price for the end customer is vital. This can be complicated, especially in Brazil with its complex tax system.
  • Finding and Managing Partners • Finding the right partners is challenging but it is only the first step. After you have signed a contract the relationshipmust be nurtured and managed to render results.
  • Workshops and Company Visits • It is often complicated and time consuming to organize workshops, company visits and to take care of the logistics. Having someone locally to organize all this is more efficient.
  • Business Development • Reaching sales results without “feet on the ground” is often impossible or very slow.We can recruit and manage local sales resources, providing tools, office space and support. We can also take on the role of being your local salesperson.
  • Sales Management • Being a local salesperson for a foreign company can be challenging and lonely. We can provide your sales resources with sales management, helping them to prioritize, plan, participate in clientmeetings and move forward in the sales process. We also provide headquarters with someone to discuss things with and who understands the local challenges.

We manage your business processes locally.

  • Company Registration and Startup • We can coordinate the registration and startup process until the company is fully operational. This includes preparation of articles of association, contracts, registrations with various public agencies, opening bank accounts, insurance, import license etc.
  • Outsourcing of Finance, Admin and HR Processes • When the company is operational we can take care of all administrative processes. This may include accounting, cash management, reporting, taxes, payroll, HR issues etc.
  • Supply Chain Management • We can coordinate the supply chain together with local logistics provider. This can include selection of logistics partner, product registration, import process, warehousing, distribution, cost and price calculations, technical service, reversed logistics etc.
  • Governance • We can provide a local “go-to person” in addition to your own local management, thereby gaining increased control, reduced risk, coordination of audits, experience etc. in the local subsidiary.