Opportunities & Challenges

South America offers huge opportunities but also several challenges.

The market offers enormous business opportunities. It is huge in area, population and economy. It is modern, with plenty of natural resources and a large international business community. Chances are high that some of your global customers are already active here. But South America can also be quite challenging. Many companies hesitate to enter this market or face difficulties trying to establish their businesses.

Our Services

We make it EASIER to be successful.

Companies face different challenges during different phases when entering a foreign market. Our portfolio of services has been developed with this in mind, intending to make it easier for companies to develop a sustainable business. When Kazamax was founded we focused more on the discovery and startup phases. Since then, we have expanded our portfolio. We found that the toughest challenges often present themselves when scaling up and growing the business. Today we work long term together with our clients and partners, providing the support they need.

About Kazamax

We have the TEAM to make it happen.

Kazamax has been in business for many years and the combined experience of our partners, collaborators and network is quite extensive. We have faced different situations and challenges, participated in many startups, analyzed many business opportunities, been involved in countless negotiations, and have had many different roles. We have seen good business practices and failing practices. This provides us with a unique experience to help your business succeed.